Why Access Educational Consulting


Our mission is to support and promote equal opportunities, inclusivity, and access to quality education for individuals with special education needs. We are committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of students with disabilities, ensuring that they receive the necessary support, modifications, accommodations, and resources to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Through collaboration with families, educators, and community stakeholders, we aim to foster an inclusive educational environment that embraces diversity and empowers every student to reach his or her fullest potential.


Our vision is a world where individuals with special needs are fully embraced, empowered, and included in every aspect of society. We envision an educational landscape where students with disabilities have equal access to high-quality education, personalized support, and opportunities for growth.  Our advocacy efforts aim to create a society that values and celebrates the unique abilities and contributions of every individual. We aspire to foster a culture of acceptance, understanding, and compassion, where barriers are dismantled, and inclusive practices are the norm.

Primary Goal

Support children and families: Offer personalized support and guidance to families of children with Special Education needs, helping them understand their rights, navigate the IEP process, and access appropriate services and accommodations for the students.