Consulting services to support and assist

Safe and supportive approach

Access Educational Consulting seeks to provide a safe and supportive approach to assist families with children with Special Education needs in the State of CT.  While our primary purpose is to support families navigating Special Education services in schools, we are also available for support, collaboration, and consultation for families facing any school issues.

What is Special Education Advocacy?

Special Education advocacy refers to the process of promoting and protecting the rights of students with disabilities who are enrolled in special education programs. Advocates work on behalf of these students to ensure they receive appropriate educational services, accommodations, and support to meet their unique needs.

Here are some key aspects of Special Education advocacy:

  1. Raising Awareness
  2. Parental Support
  3. Individualized Education Program (IEP) Assistance
  4. Collaborating with Schools
  5. Training & Resources

Services list

A list of services available is listed below.  This is not an inclusive list; all cases are individualized and services can be, as well.

  • Comprehensive file and educational review
  • Preparation for PPTs, 504 meetings and other school meetings
  • Parent coaching and education to prepare for PPTs or 504 meetings
  • Participation at PPTs and 504 meetings
  • Review of the IEP to suggest revisions and/or additions to programming – includes goals and objectives
  • Assistance for initial or re-evaluation planning
  • Assistance with school communications
  • Referrals and consults with treating professionals
  • Support with private special education school placements
  • Transition planning for college or post-secondary education

FREE 20-minute consultation available to all new clients to determine if Access Educational Consulting can assist with the case.

Access Educational Consulting does not require a retainer from clients.  All services are billed at an hourly rate after services are rendered.